To date, GovSource has performed technical and training missions in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and CONUS.
Training missions vary in length and complexities. Our successful mission have covered a myriad of topics to include:
  • Special Forces
  • Ranger / Light Infantry / Reconnaissance
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Medical (AAALAC and USDA accredited for LTT)
  • Aviation Operations and Maintenance
  • Vertical and Horizontal Construction
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Search and Rescue

Due to the regularity at which these tasks are requested and executed, GSI has established proven techniques to recruit the highest quality instructors, plan, prepare, deploy, sustain, and re-deploy MTTs and TAFTs around the world.

Our approach to the delivery of training is to continually assess individual learning progress and the effectiveness of training methods on the target audience and to maintain an uncompromising commitment to achieving the stated desired outcome.

We work diligently to achieve an internal level of certainty that the Soldiers we have trained can operate, survive, and make a significant contribution in any operational environment. We neglect no Soldier in training and plan for remediation training. We consider it an absolute must that each Soldier we train achieves the desired end state standards.

Training Missions

Complexities Missions Training

Individual Leaning Progress


A subsidiary of IDS International, GovSource’s
Health Services Practice provides management,
technology and Program Management services to organizations across the healthcare continuum:
from federal and state health service organizations
and managed care organizations to academic
medical centers, health insurers and government
health plans.

Health Services


GovSource has Extensive experience in strategic and business processes. Our Managed Services professional's possesses a combination of analytical, financial and managerial skills to create rapid response solutions and long-term results

  • Industry-leading approach to business metrics and performance monitoring
  • Constant pursuit of return on investment through reliance on pre-established performance metrics to track the success of clients on projects is evident throughout the managed services lifecycle

Managed Services



Provide Oversight, Integration and Coordination

Provide oversight, integration and coordination of all instruction to ensure that training provided to student meets all protocols and standards set forth by the associated CE governing body.

Validation of Clinical Skills
Validation of clinical skills/intervention

Validation of skills/interventions by using the “crawl, walk, run” technique in labs and “real world” scenarios to include combat lane training. We reinforce didactic training with appropriate macro and micro simulation throughout training.

Performance Improvement
Performance improvement

Rapid assessment and validation of critical skills through simulated scenarios at the end of all training cycles. We continually improve processes.

We Deliver

GovSource is a subsidiary of IDS International. Our personnel have achieved success and customer references with the following types of engagements: Business Case Analysis | Clinical Research | Enterprise Program Management | Mission Planning/System Training | CONOP Development | TTPs Development | System Training | Modeling and Simulation | Organizational and Process Optimization | Outsourcing/Vendor Management | Portfolio Management | Procurement & Acquisition Management | Program Assessment | Program Management & Business Process Reengineering | Requirements Analysis | Strategic Planning | Targeted Subject Matter Consulting | Test and Evaluation | Training (Across the Entire Spectrum and Lifecycle)