Our Work

GovSource, a subsidiary of IDS International, provides professional solutions for public sector organizations through the tailored application of advanced technologies, commercial business processes, and human factors research to define, develop, and implement holistic enterprise architectures that support rapid adaptation, flexibility, and response for a changing world. We have extensive experience in the areas of training, clinical research, performance management and optimization, business processes, systems and project management. The GovSource Consulting/Professional Services practice is focused on the same solutions that GovSource has deployed to bring revolutionary outsourced services to its clients. When our Consulting Services practice is engaged, we operate on a fixed-fee/fixed deliverable basis and deploy our integrated project methodology immediately in order to meet all required initiatives. These services can range anywhere from the establishment of program objectives to the application and tailoring of best practices as well as providing on-site/in-theater management and operations/technical skills to execute all phases of the program effectively

GovSource provides professional solutions for public sector


As a subsidiary of IDS International, GovSource solves problems and saves projects through the balanced use of people, processes, and tools for the most optimal solutions. GovSource's processes are flexible and can be combined to meet the goals of a specific initiative, for an individual organization or an entire agency. The GovSource team has been built through the selective hiring and placement of an eclectic mix of highly skilled and innovative management consulting professionals with diverse backgrounds that share a passion for delivering outstanding service to our clients. These are just a few samples of our past performance...

World - Past Performances

Central Asia

Afghanistan, Camp(s) Shorbak, Zafar, Hero, Lighting/Thunder

Vertical Construction disciplines

Afghanistan, Camp(s) Shindand, Kandahar, Kabul

Horizontal Construction disciplines

Afghanistan, Camp(s) Gamberi, Pol-e Charki

Basic Trade Skills

Afghanistan, Camp Shaheen

Heavy Equipment Operation and Maintenance

Afghanistan, Camp Shaheen

Afghan National Army Engineer School Train-the-Trainer


Office of Research Integrity (ORI)
Program Management, Research Analytics, Subject Matter Expert’s (SMEs) on Responsible Conduct of Research

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR)
Program Management, Research Analytics, SMEs on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Department of Veterans Affairs
Business Analytics, Information Technology (IT) Help Desk

Department of State
Live Tissue Training

Department of Veterans Affairs
(Alexandria, Louisiana)
SAR Confined Space, Collapsed Structure, Rope Rescue

Disaster Relief – Collapsed Structure, Medical Triage

North America

United States Professional Training Services


Special Operations Forces (SOF), Medical (TCCC / CLS & Medical)

SAR Platoon - Confined Space, Collapsed Structure, Swift Water, Rope Rescue

Urban Warfare (MOUT), Border Security

Special Operations Forces (SOF), Medical (TCCC / CLS & Medical)

Europe Military Training


clinical research


South Sudan
Ranger & Medical Training, Logistical Operations

Special Operations Forces (SOF) / Ranger, COIN, Border Security, Aviation Maintenence & Logistical Operation

Counterinsurgency, Foreign Internal Defense, Contingency Operations

Counter-Terrorism, Force Protection

Democratic Republic of Congo
Light Infantry, Counterinsurgency


Armenia, Yerevan
Combat Medic Platoon – TCCC / CLS / LTT

Iraq, Taji

Armed Bell 407 Instructor Pilot Train-the-Trainer

Iraq, Taji
Certified Aviation Maintenance Instructors Train-the-Trainer

Vehicle Maintenance Instructors

Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) – Counterterrorism Service (CTS) & Qwat Kasah (QK)/Rangers

Special Operations Forces / Quick Reaction Force (QRF) Academy

Swouthwest Asia
Southweast Asia


Japan, Okinawa
First Responder, Search and Recue

Special Operations Force/LIght Reaction Regiment

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia