Help us support Fisher House at this year's SCORE Baja 1000

As you know, serving in the military is dangerous work - regardless of branch of service or duty station.  Many injuries, accidents, and illnesses occur during training as well as on the battlefield.  But did you know that the best medical care for service members injured in the line of duty is often very far from home?  Have you ever thought about where family members stay while their loved one is undergoing specialized medical care at these remote locations? If they are lucky, they stay at a Fisher House. 

But Air Force Tech Sergeant “Doc” Moss and his wife, Maria weren’t so lucky. While Doc was hospitalized far from home for a critical injury suffered in the line of duty, his new wife slept in a car. Had there been a Fisher House at that hospital, the experience would have been vastly different.  Maria would have had a comfortable place to stay, staff and volunteers to help her navigate the hospital system, and other guests to comfort her in this very scary situation. Everyone says “Thanks for your service” to military members and their families to show their support of the military.  You can PUT THOSE WORDS INTO ACTION by supporting the GovSource, Inc. (GSI) fundraising campaign for Fisher House Foundation today.

In an effort to raise money for the Fisher House Foundation, GSI will be fielding a team in the 50th anniversary of the SCORE Baja 1000. The SCORE Baja 1000 is an off-road race that takes place in Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. When finalized, the grueling race course will cover approximately 1,300 miles of the mysterious and majestic Baja California peninsula. It is widely considered to be the most difficult and challenging race on earth.

Why We Support Fisher House

There are many charities in the world today that anyone can choose to assist. We decided to partner with the Fisher House for a couple basic reasons. 1st reason is that over 92% of all proceeds collected goes directly to the families that need it. 2nd reason is that many on our team has been selflessly helped by the Fisher House at times in our lives when we needed them most. They never asked for a thing in return and always greeted us with a smile.

Please stand with us this year and donate anything you feel comfortable with, whether that be a set donation or an amount for every mile that we are scheduled to cover. Being that this year’s race will be 1,330 miles, a donation $.05 per mile would equate to $66.50.

To learn more and make a donation please click here:

All of us at GSI thank you in advance for your support towards this great cause.